Online Acrylic Painting School

Learn to paint with acrylics, step by step, with my online classes

Paint with Karen 

These courses are great for the beginning or the more experienced painter. Even if you are just starting out!

Join the class anytime, and take as long as you like to finish it. You will have access to the class for as long as you like. So you can watch through all the videos once before you get started, or just paint along as you go. You can come back to them as often as you like to complete your painting!

In one of the courses - "Fall Color" we will finish this little painting together, step by step. I'll also be discussing concepts like composition, color mixing, values - all that stuff you need to learn so that you can paint beautiful paintings and express your own creativity. Learning to paint takes time, but along the way it's a great deal of fun!

The courses are video based. I'll start with some practice exercises to get you warmed up. Then you will watch videos as I demonstrate each step in our painting. You will learn how I mix the colors and what brushstrokes I am using. I'll be commenting on what choices I'm making and why. Pause the videos, review them, fast forward. All at your own pace, and your own experience level. Start whenever you like, and take just as long as you need to finish.

At each step along the way, you can upload both your exercises and your painting, so I can give you personal help and encouragement.

The videos are downloadable so you can put them on any device you are using.
The class info - reference photos and materials are downloadable in PDF format so you can print them out to use anywhere and keep for future reference.

See you at school!

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