Monday, July 22, 2013

St. John's Bridge

Another work in progress. I'm working on this studio piece of the St. Johns bridge here in Portland. I'll be adding some foreground foliage next.

The foliage will be my answer to the bridge taking you right out of the picture! I do love the shapes and colors of this lovely old bridge!

Well, time to think about this for a day or two, not sure if I'm done or not!

Okay, in the studio today - Lets decide what to do with this one! I'm happy with the foliage on the left - except the almost straight diagonal line at the bottom... Need to fix that. Jury is still out on whether to continue the foliage across the bottom. The reason I might not is that I like to leave a clear path into the painting, not obstruction for the viewer. But in this case, because it's water, and pretty obviously a cliff or  bank, that might not be a good thing! Kind of feels like the water is going to flood out, or I might fall in. hmmmm. I am combining 3 different scenes to get this one. In one of them there are some purple spikelike flower along the bottom. hmmm.
Now the right had tree has some issues! It's too rectangular in form. I think I want some more branches coming down from the top - I want to be more under the tree. Then I think I need to thin out the middle section, just leaving the trunk, then have more of the left hand foliage growing up from under it. And I need more variety in the leave size on the tree. A few pretty large ones so there is more a feeling of depth in the tree itself. Finally, more warm colors in the foreground greens, I really want them to pull forward, leaving the bridge in it own distinctly distant values and hues.
  --- By the way, any suggestions you might have are more than welcome!

So at this point I got rid of all the middle foliage on the right had tree and added in more background hill.... I like it better already!

I played with repetition of the arch shapes in the bridge when I was making the tree foliage, as well as trying to mimic the delicate feeling structure of the bridge in the twigs and branches, if that makes sense! I think I might be done at this point..... 

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