Thursday, October 12, 2017

What Should I Paint!

Did you ever finish up a painting and just get stuck? What should I paint next?!

There is a simple answer to this, and one that gets to the root of why I paint at all.

Paint what you love! 

Okay, I know, pretty obvious. But so often I find myself going down the rabbit hole of:
  • What I think might sell
  • What has sold in the past
  • What I think the juror of a particular show I'm trying to get into might like
  • What another painter, whose style I admire, loves to paint
  • What I happen to have photos of
  • Where I happen to be
  • What I think I am, or am not, capable of painting - as in "I can't paint people"
And sometimes I can even come up with a decent painting with these beginnings. But it's rarely much fun!

 The Root 
Expressing who you are. You are the only one of you ever in existence. All your little quirks. The colors you love, the things you love, the activities you love. Notice I'm not saying the things you kinda like? Discovering what you really love, what makes your heart swell, what brings a smile to your face is so important. Hold on to those things! Write them down. Dwell on them. When you are sad or anxious, run through that gallery in your mind. 

Those are the things that make you feel alive! 

For myself, for some reason, I never learned to do that. I often looked to others to approve or disapprove of my choices. Never really enjoyed the things that I love! So I'm writing this blog for myself, and you. As a challenge to be mindful of the things that you love, start a list! And then 

Paint Them!

Your style, your expression, your unique contribution to the art world is based on this idea.
I'm starting my list today. Are you in? Share your list on our Facebook page! :)

Here's something I love :)