Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Summer Pond" An Acrylic Landscape Painting Tutorial Video

Just finished up another tutorial video. I may have mentioned before, but I have an art instruction website Paint With Karen Ilari It's a free site, you just have to register. I started it a while back as a way to connect with people out there who want to learn to paint, or switch to acrylics from another medium. It's been so much fun! I really love painting with acrylics. They are the non stress medium to me. You don't have to worry that one stroke will ruin your painting (watercolors) because it will be dry in a minute and you can come back in and try again. No toxic fumes. My studio is a room in my house and I am super sensitive to smells, so oil painting is out for me. Clean up is easy - I'm a messy painter - just water and a little soap. No long drying times when pets or little hands can get in trouble! Yep, I do love acrylics. But back to the website. I have over 100 members at this point from all over the world. They post their paintings to share, and if they want I will give them a detailed constructive critique. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and I feel like I'm helping people who are in the same place I was a while back. Art opened up such a rich new world for me, and I love it when someone else discovers it as well!
Sooo, in this new video, I paint "Summer Pond" here is the finished painting: and the link to the classroom page on my website

"Summer Pond" 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas
original available in my Etsy shop here

So if you always wanted to learn to paint, or can't seem to get back into it, please join me on my website Paint With Karen Ilari

Happy Painting!