Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Tiny Painting - And Bicycle Photo Shoots!

I've found a new favorite thing to do in the morning. 

I hop on my bicycle with my camera around my neck and cruise through the neighborhood. There are so many sweet little houses and gardens that have been fixed up and cared for. I can feel the love.

There is magic in finding beauty in my own neighborhood. The scenes I pass each day. But when you stop and look with an artist's eye, and the lighting is just right - magic!

I especially love the morning light. The air is cool and crisp. There is a fresh, newness to everything. But anytime I'm home and look out my window and see some beautiful light - morning, evening, breaks in the clouds - I can hop on my bike and spend 15 or 20 minutes and come up with some great reference photos!

I've tried this in my car many times. But it's hard to pay attention to scenery and drive at the same time. I love the way on a bike I can move slowly, looking at everything and stop whenever something catches my eye. The camera is on a strap around my neck so I can just shoot a couple of quick shots and move on.

Walking is nice, but you just can't cover very much ground. Especially when the day is cloudy, with the sun peeking in and out of clouds, it's great to see a spot of sunlight up ahead and be able to zoom right to it before the sun disappears! 

The other day it was one of those spring mornings. Pouring rain one minute and sunny the next. As I rode through the streets the sun would break out and spotlight the wonderful spring foliage against the grey stormy sky. The color just glowing. Stunning.

I snapped a photo of this boldly colored home with its wonderful blossoming tree. I decided to do a little 6" x 6" painting of it. Love these trees that watch over the neighborhood! I think I feel a series of tiny neighborhood paintings coming on! :)

"Spring Morning" 6"x6" acrylic on canvas

Haha, looking at it on my screen right now, the picture is bigger than the actual painting :)
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Coming soon!
I took this photo as well in this same spot  - There  will be a video out soon of the painting of this one

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  1. Who doesn't love squirrels!
    I'm working on three different views of Japanese
    squirrels. Little mischievous creatures.