Monday, May 25, 2015

Painting Animals and Flowers in Acrylic Paint

New Acrylic Painting Tutorial

"Squirrel in the Blossoms" by Karen Ilari


I've had a few requests for a video showing how to paint animals, as well as flowers, so here it is!

Whether you are painting dogs, cats, mice, horses, cows, birds or squirrels,
the same basic steps apply.

  • Create a simple drawing
  • Block in basic shape with values
  • Add features
  • Refine your shapes with comparative drawing techiniques
  • Reinforce your values with color and texture

Like all of my other painting techniques, this isn't a one stroke type of painting. Instead you add many layers, giving you many opportunities to refine your shapes and colors and brushstrokes. No mistakes here!

Start with the big shapes, break them into smaller shapes. Big to small.

Go just as far into detail as pleases your own artistic eye.

You can stop at simple form or go all the way to photographic detail.

After all, whether you are painting a sunset or a squirrel, it's all just shapes of color!

Click here to watch the video

Here is the painting "Squirrel in the Blossoms" 9x12 acrylic on canvas by Karen Ilari

P.S. The painting is available in my Etsy Shop!

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