Friday, May 13, 2016

Morning Walk - A new painting

This newest painting, "Morning Walk" has been sitting unfinished in my studio for months. The reference photo I used was taken on a cloudy late winter day. The trees were bare. The cows in the photo were black. The image was flat. It was depressing! But there was something in the scene that made me want to paint it.

That's how I pick most of my subjects. By a gut feeling. Then I try to sort out what it was that I reacted to.

So I blocked in the major elements in this one. Tried a couple of different color schemes. And there it sat. What was I missing? Why did this image speak to me?

The last few months have been a bit "bare" for me. I've had the wonderful opportunity to stay home and work on my art. Time to bring to fruit all the ideas I've had in my head for years. Teaching, websites, online classes, blogging! And after a few weeks, everything seemed to dry up. Students, sales, inspiration, energy. Having been here before, I know I need to "Just Keep Painting". And above all stop thinking. But the gut feeling that tells me this is the image I need to paint has been illusive.

All the while, this image, half done, looks down on me.

Fine. Let's try again.

I took a photo of the painting and pulled it up in Photo Shop. Using my tablet and stylus I can "paint" over the image, trying different ideas and color combinations. And came up with this new take on the scene.

Life is about becoming. Transitions. Transformations. Taking the grey and imagining color. Looking at the barren and seeing lush abundance. The power in that simple act of creativity is boundless. In transforming this scene I was reminded of this. Just when I needed it.

Art gives us access to that creativity. We have different visions, different challenges, different journeys. Art keeps me focused on my own journey. Gives me the images I need, if I listen.

"Morning Walk" 16" x 20" acrylic on Canvas

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