Thursday, August 18, 2016

Daily Painting #5 Blueberry Patch

How long will I keep this up? I don't know, but I hope for a while, I'm having a blast! I almost didn't start it because I was afraid I would give up and be disappointed with myself. Do you do that too? I'm trying to learn to just do it, and stop worrying about outcomes. Life is too short to worry about failing! I could quote lots of motivational sayings here, but I'll spare you that :) Bottom line, I'm making friends with failure - it's a great teacher. And I think it is starting to sink in. It's easy for me to think about how I want to live my life, but getting that info down into that subconscious place that actually seems to be making my decisions for me is another thing!

So here is today's "no fear of failure" little acrylic painting on 5x7 canvas panel:

"Blueberry Patch"

I started with my canvas toned with Quinacridone gold and Hansa Yellow Medium.
If you are painting along with your own daily paintings - here are a few ideas on the process:

The idea is to go through all the important steps you would to make a larger painting.
-Deciding your focal point by knowing why you are painting this image.
-Editing down to 4 or 5 simple elements (ie: sky, hills, river, foreground tree)
-Arranging those elements in a pleasing way (composition)
-Deciding on your color harmony - a limited palette is great with these
Then just set these things down with the simplest of brushstrokes and a fairly large brush

original available: $50 unframed plus shipping - use the Paypal button below

Title of the Painting

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